Buku dan Software/Program Teknik Kimia

Buku² + Software yang dapat di download dengan gratis
1. Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook
2. Pressure Vessel Handbook
3. ASME B31.3 Calculator
4.Pressure Drop via the Karman Method

Chemical Plant Cost Estimation
2005 MS Excel Spreadsheet Competition
These are some of the best entries received during the 2005 spreadsheet competition:

Steam Tracing (Winner) (Excel 2007 version here)
Vapor Pressure from Antoine Coefficients
Column Diameter and HETP Calculation
Packed Column Scrubber Design
Reactor Particle Size and Velocity Calculation
Condensate Line Sizing

7. Two Phase Flow in Pipes

8. Various Chemical Engineering Calculation Spreadsheets

9. Filtration Spreadsheets from Dr. Richard Holdich

10. Vessel Pressure via the SRK Equation of State

11. Fired Furnace Excess Air Calculation

12. Financial Calculation Spreadsheet

13. Water Properties Program

14. Physical Properties DataBank AddIn for Excel

15. Units Conversions

16. The Reactor Lab

17. Insulation Calculation Programs

18. Vapor Pressure of Binary Liquid Mixtures

19. Physical Property Data Spreadsheet

20. Cooling Tower Calculator

21. Pipe Size Optimization for Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes
(Excel 2007 version here)

22. Validating Binary VLE Data

23. Costing Distillation Columns

Nb : 1,2 adalah buku format pdf

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